Ambassador John Bolton Endorses Gail Huff Brown Key House Race

Bolton makes a rare pre-primary endorsement in a key House race.


June 30, 2022
CONTACT: Sarah Tinsley
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Washington D.C. – Former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Ambassador John R. Bolton, announced today that he will endorse Gail Huff Brown for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District and the John Bolton PAC will contribute $5,000 to her primary campaign.

“New Hampshire has always been a critical state for the GOP. Voters are acutely aware that national security must remain at the forefront. From protecting our borders to stopping the flow of illegal drugs, to the need for America to be strong and respected throughout the world, I believe Gail Huff Brown is the right person for the job,” said Ambassador Bolton.

“The Biden Administration’s strategic incoherence has put American security, prestige, and credibility on the line. Given Russian threats, Chinese assertiveness, and the growing nuclear menace of Iran and North Korea, now is exactly the right time for national security to remain at the forefront of the public policy debate.”

Gail Huff Brown issued the following statement in response to Ambassador Bolton’s endorsement and contribution to her campaign:

“I am honored to receive Ambassador John Bolton’s endorsement. With a lifetime of service to our country informing his endorsement, Ambassador Bolton knows I am the only candidate in this race with the foreign policy experience needed to secure our nation’s borders, push back on bad actors abroad, and support a true America First agenda.

“It is incumbent upon Congress to protect American interests at home and abroad, something we aren’t seeing under the current administration. I am ready to get to work on day one to protect our freedoms and restore New Hampshire’s voice in Congress.”

Ambassador Bolton plans to significantly increase candidate endorsements and contributions in this election cycle. Founded in 2013, the John Bolton PAC continues to be one of the most active leadership PACs in the country.

About the John Bolton PAC ( Through his PAC, SuperPAC and Foundation, Ambassador John Bolton defends America by raising the importance of national security in public discourse and supporting candidates who believe in strong national security policies. Ambassador Bolton has worked hard to restore conservative leadership, which must reverse the recent policies of drift, decline and defeat. America must rise to the occasion and acknowledge the indispensable role we play in the world. Through 2020, Ambassador Bolton has endorsed over 200 candidates and raised nearly $20 million for his organizations.



Ambassador John Bolton, a diplomat and a lawyer, has spent many years in public service. He served as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations in 2005-2006. He was Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security from 2001 to 2005. In the Reagan Administration, he was an Assistant Attorney General.